Building great customer relationships

Does your brand speaks directly to your customer? Good customer relationships come from knowing your audience.

 stand out from the crowd

Who are you talking to

Creating a customer persona is a hugely important and fun way of finding your target audience.  Giving you the information to develop the relationship from audience to community.  And ultimately into paying customers. Understanding and knowing your customer ensures your message to them is engaging and consistent.

Good customer relationships come from knowing your audience.  Who will eventually become your customers.   And help to define the key elements that ensure your brand speaks to your directly to your customer.

You can’t know enough about your customer.  At CMR we get really specific with details like – age, gender, occupation, likes, dislikes and much more.  And we encourage you to name your customer persona.  We’ve had some great times talking with Flo or Alan (yes we do the prairie dog shout out everytime, never gets boring!), but the point is to ensure you’re talking TO your customer.

Where is your customer

As a result of really knowing your perfect customer you will be able to find them.  Meaning you will be better positioned to understand where they ‘hang out’.  Once you can find them you will see what language will work to attract and keep your customer.  Understanding your customer platforms will also inform you of the time they like to engage, the voice and keywords that resonate and what attractors, like hashtags, you can also use to capture more detail.  Analytics play a huge part in keeping track of how you’re conversations are going.  Don’t forget every media and connectivity tool has a way of measuring performance.  Takes the guess work out and makes your work easier.

Is it expensive

Cost will be a factor in all of the above relationship decisions.   Keep track of all of your ideas and decisions with either a Business Model.  At CMR  our favourite is Trello Project Software.  We can use it over and over for new ideas, services or products and recruiting into the team.   Also the ‘boards’ can be duplicated if you have an offshoot or side hustle that you want to test out at the same time.  And don’t forget, old school is just as reliable, you can use a spreadsheet.  Just don’t forget to save it into the cloud somewhere, GDrive or Dropbox, so it’s safe and secure.

And finally

So you see how we work to gather the finer detail of your customer demographic.  We keep this to hand all the time so you can add in new ideas for marketing or social media plus charting new income stream ideas and costing out your overheads.

And we make sure to have fun along the way.  Nothing less inspiring than finding something difficult or boring.  That’s why we’ve tested and streamlined every stage of finding and engaging with your customer.  We know it inside out whether you work as a creative, provide a service or sell a product.

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