Case Study : Futurum Group

Launching with confidence. How a partnership evolved, a new business pivoted and a brand was created.

The Brief

To breathe life into a new coaching partnership.  Graeme Menzies and Sarah Harrison met at a conference and the rest is amazing, new business history.  Both had the passion to drive a new retirement coaching partnership forward but needed a project guide.  At this stage the partnership didn’t have a name or branding.  But the partners were very clear about what service they would offer.

Our collaboration was to provide Futurum Group with their identity, voice and mission.  To reach their audience, build a community and engage with professionals at every level.  Our role was in-depth and included helping them develop their brand, during which time we talked with several recommended designers.  Part of the brief included researching name options that reflected their values and unique proposition.  And providing copy and page designs for the website.

The Challenge

It was a blank canvas.  We knew our initial service, retirement coaching, however this was to change dramatically when we were hit with a pandemic.  Going from working with retiring partners in legal firms to supporting individuals and businesses who were facing redundancy.

The role of CMR within Futurum Group has been to research and provide start up essentials.  Including, aligning our mission and vision for the business.  Researching and recommending the best providers for web design, branding and visual identity.  Along with refreshing existing LinkedIn profiles.  And finally, implementing robust finance solutions.

When faced with a new, unforeseen challenge, Futurum Group became rapidly aware that their skill sets could be expertly applied to this new service.  And pivot they did.

The Ideas

Naming your business is no mean feat.  Unless you have always wanted your name in lights (CMR is a bit of an example here!) or a favourite tree, mountain, anecdote etc. it can be very daunting.  So in preparation we went back to basics and worked our Business Model Canvas to identify our clients and what they would want to feel and believe about our organisation.

We evolved our business description.  Developed the strategies we needed to employ for credibility and be a respected knowledge base.  Defining the search terms that would be used to find us.  All of these, always from the client perspective.  Describing the ‘why’ of the organisation, what made Graeme and Sarah so passionate to help retiring and redundant individuals and businesses?  And finally, undertaking a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis, something repeated regularly to keep us grounded and ahead of our competitors.

Putting all this together it became apparent that Futurum Group wanted to be known for their support of physical and mental health.  Their development of resilient and confident individuals and businesses.  For creating self belief and the courage to welcome change.  The courage to flourish and the strength to withstand change.  Hence the tree logo with the solid base line.

To get the team online we teamed up with an existing collaborator of CMR, award winning, local, web developer, Krishna Solanki, to bring our ideas to life.  Showcasing our new and existing  services.  Drawing together a Pinterest mood board to reflect the look, feel and customer experience the team wanted their brand to convey.

The Results

Working closely with Graeme, Sarah and Krishna throughout the launch programme, we made sure all bases were covered.  Clear with our brand and vision, from initial brand development to “going live” with the Futurum Group website and the LinkedIn profiles.  

We now have a solid platform from which to grow.  And, importantly, refreshed LinkedIn profiles, business and personal, to connect with our peer group and new audience.  The perfect platform to provide advice, articles and case studies of how Futurum Group offers support for individuals and businesses.  Supporting planning for retirement, also for those experiencing change or looking for renewed purpose and challenge.

And finally, before we even had a name, our internal business systems were set up to ensure the team had streamlined systems that provided them with the key data to support their day to day activities and measure success.   So that, since launch we have been able to provide ad hoc support and advice when needed.

“Clare helped us hugely by implementing systems and processes to make our lives easier, sourced a web developer and helped us to prioritise the tasks on our ever increasing to do list.”

Launching with Confidence, Graeme & Sarah, Futurum Group

“We needed help with all the elements of starting a new business from finding an appropriate accounts system to getting the word out in the marketplace with a robust marketing strategy. Clare helped us hugely by implementing systems and processes to make our lives easier, sourced a web developer and helped us to prioritise the tasks on our ever increasing to do list. Throughout our time working together Clare was enthusiastic, positive and proactive. We look forward to working with the CMR team again soon and thoroughly recommend them to other business owners.  With huge thanks to Clare for keeping us on track and managing the creation of our beautiful brand”


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