Your business values

Values really are the cornerstone of your mission and vision, without which your message and passion for your business may suffer.

How to deliver value…

You should be comfortable and proud to tell your values.  That’s the easy part, hopefully!  But what are your values and why are they so important?

They should shape your business mind-set.  Act as a guide on the best way to interact with you, each other and your customers. They’re the ideals that people outside of your company will associate you with and hold you to. They’re the guiding principles that will hold you to justifiably high standards, and ensure you’re growing with purpose.  And, importantly, staying true to your vision.

Ethics and Business Values

Personal ethics and business values should be in harmony with each other to maintain healthy positive relationships.    They also help to sustain good personal mental health.

Having found your core values they will be important for personal and business development.  Because they help you make intelligent decisions that are going to work in your favour by playing into your strengths, wants, and needs.

How to choose

So where do we start and how do we choose from the many values that are out there?

It could be as simple as helping a customer get a certain job done.  For example, every month finances need to be completed.   If your customers don’t enjoy or take an extraordinary amount of time to service this part of your business, become an outsource!

Creating a business solution that supports their dream lifestyle.

Or just by making things more convenient, or easier to use, can create sustainable value.  Looking into how we can retain our desire for easy, immediate and fast systems/products without costing the earth.

Testing them out

Taking all of these ideas and testing them out in a relatable framework is what we do best at CMR and by using a Business Model Canvas.  Paired with some easy to use, free tools to keep track of all the answers.

We’re really proud of how we dig right down into the workings of your business, become specialists on your behalf, to tease out all the core values and qualities you want to have on show.

We do what we say

We act decisively to create value

We hold ourselves accountable

We dare to be different

We act with care

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