April 2021

Customer Confidence
The Why, What & How

Slightly postponed due to a minor flood, electrical failure and a keyboard that wouldn’t key! 
Keep up your customer journey here while I quickly regroup 😉
Our 2021 season of events will resume very soon with a Customer Confidence session.  Following on from our Big Brand Ideas.
An insightful hour putting your customer at the heart of your business and aligning your products or services to attract and retain customers.

This event is a brilliant opportunity to grow your brand confidence and collaborate with other business owners.

We will uncover …

  • finding and connecting with your ideal customers
  • knowing the value you bring to your customers
  • how to tell your story, bringing your business to life

Much more information to follow.

Date to be confirmed.  Don’t miss out, sign up for our updates.

We can’t wait to see you (once we’ve got a date!).

Clare x

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