Case study: Indie Cambridge

The Brief: Independent Cambridge has been run entirely on the drive of two dedicated business partners. With limited time available to them, Clare was brought on board to drive forward membership.

The Challenge:

At CMR we love an indie and when they champion other indies, it’s a given that we would want to help.  So I approached Anne, one half of the successful Indie Cambridge partnership, to find out how.

There was very little free time in the business, because of the detail involved in setting up every member of Indie Cambridge.  Each member featured in the book (now online and a broadsheet) was visited, spoken to, written about and photographed.  So this gave the founders limited time to keep up with renewing members.  And especially difficult capturing new business owners to build the community to where it is today.

If you’re a small business you’ll understand how difficult it is to find the time to research and collaborate on your marketing and memberships.

So, not being part of any series of generic city guides.  And written remotely from a publisher’s office.  Indie Cambridge is produced by long-term residents of the city with a true passion for all things indie.

The Action:

We helped to promote membership.  And to bring more awareness to Cambridge and the surrounding areas of how crucial shopping, eating and enjoying local businesses, is to the local community.  And we did this with drive, passion, commitment and good old-fashioned footwork.

As a business developer I enjoyed driving renewable membership along with attracting new local businesses.  And at the same time engaging Cambridge residents and visitors.

When the business model changed so did our conversation.  We moved to incorporate a new print layout and to host events that brought the indie community together.  A peer group to beat no other.  Meeting to share ideas and knowledge and to work with and support each other.

The Results:

We published our stunning book showcasing over 200 local, independent businesses and events. As the  business model changed we moved to a more regular broadsheet publication with even greater coverage and indie love!

Our message and membership impact were substantially improved with Clare working as membership coordinator and champion of our cause.
Anne Beamish
Founder, Indie Cambridge

“Clare really did her homework while working with us, knowing our goals and message and always showing great passion, which undoubtedly helped us gain better visibility and members.

Our message and membership impact were substantially improved with Clare working as membership coordinator and champion of our cause.”

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