Case study: Hazel Boyd

The Brief: Hazel and I joined forces in January 2020 to reframe the Hazel Boyd Interiors profile, social media and story. Being such a passionate designer, it was time to show Hazel’s audience where all this creativity and success had come from and how clients would benefit from all the experience brought to every unique project.

The Action:

Highlighting the array of skills that Hazel has to offer was our first step towards bringing into focus how clients benefit by having an Interior Designer on their project.

We followed this up with the amazing story of how, never losing your passion, hard work, self-belief and a great eye for design put Hazel in the perfect position to start Hazel Boyd Interiors.

Taking each part of the business in stages allowed us to focus in detail on creating a visually stunning, skill highlighting website that, paired with the business social media platforms, would showcase Hazel and all of the design offerings in an engaging and professional way.

It was such an amazing journey working with Hazel, who, like a lot of us, was a little shy about selling herself, but now we can see just what her design business can offer.

Creating design schemes, especially without visiting homes or businesses during COVID-19 lockdown and turning them into visual masterpieces making client projects instantly understandable.  How brilliant to those of us that don’t have the ability to take a design from 2d to 3d, with colour, furniture, lighting and so much more, in our heads!

For over 25 years Hazel has been sourcing products from interiors shows and exhibitions, making sure that every detail is thought through and gives every project that personal and unique style, representing your home or business perfectly. Your #PersonalStyleDNA.

The Results:

Having successfully worked throughout a pandemic, Hazel has adjusted her business offering to fit many different requirements, this is an amazing feat and has improved business confidence both personally and within the industry.

“What immediately impressed me with Clare was her knowledge and talent for getting to know you and your business so she can offer a personally focused programme to follow, with clearly set out milestones and goals”
Hazel Boyd
Interior Designer

Working with CMR we Empower you to achieve your Full Business Potential. Design Specific solutions for You and your Business. For where you want to be.

“I started working with Clare a few weeks before the lockdown 2020.  What immediately impressed me was her knowledge and talent for getting to know you and your business so she can offer a personally focused programme to follow, with clearly set out milestones and goals.   Clare always approaches meetings with so much enthusiasm and inspiration – and has given me lots of homework to do through the lockdown period!  The best result I could ask for is the insight Clare has given me, so I am learning and developing new skills to help my business move forward. 

“Clare isn’t just about supplying a business service, she is a passionate advocate of supporting local businesses and communities, so important in these times.  My partner summed Clare up whilst being in the same room on a recent Zoom meeting.  I wasn’t aware that he was listening but when I came off the call he said ‘she’s just brilliant’, I couldn’t have put it better myself!”

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