Case Study: Antonia Brickell

Working together to tackle a big career challenge and change. How to define the services Antonia could offer. Creating a return on investment – a matter of weeks down the line.

The Brief

Antonia and I met to discuss a big career challenge and change.  Loving the job she had just completed, it was also extremely intense.  As a result she was left feeling totally out of touch with her own brand.

The Challenge

First of all, how could we move forward so that Antonia felt confident with the services she could offer but not how to structure that key information into a business proposal.  What did we need to create a profile that encapsulated Antonia’s skills, passion and experience.  Antonia’s background was incredible.  Working within the BBC, heading up the communications division of an ambulance charity and empowering people to tell their story.  It was an exciting experience but a challenge in how to keep in the essential elements and what could we put to the side for more targeted use.

The Results

We listened – intently.  To Antonia’s story.  The creative energy that came from asking ‘why’ to how every career step was achieved, what were the motivators, where did the drive and confidence come from to be a freelance journalist or explain what it was like to work on as a solo presenter on a BBC breakfast radio show.  In short, we needed to find Antonia’s goal so that we could drive all of the narrative to that end.  And when we did it was incredible.


Antonia is now embarking on a freelance career using her incredible talents of voice-over work to create incredible podcasts for an eye watering range of people and products.  We were so excited to work with Antonia and you can see why.  Her career is about to start a new journey and one that we are going to be following very closely.

Clare was welcoming, inspiring, focused and productive.   She is a shrewd listener and her creative energy makes things happen.

Antonia Brickell . Podcaster – Broadcaster – Communicator

My experience of meetings CMR style? They have been welcoming, inspiring, focused and productive. Clare is a shrewd listener, her creative energy helps to make things happen. With providing business development advice, Clare has spent time getting a real sense of who I am, what I can deliver and what I want to achieve, before giving considered feedback.

CMR have been direct but personable about what it’s going to take for me to reach my goals, whilst creating a clear plan with suggested time frames. In a nutshell, it’s great to be working with someone who speaks my language and gets results! I now know where I’m heading, my LinkedIn profile finally represents who I am, I have the support from CMR along the way and I’m already getting a return for my investment – a matter of weeks down the line.”

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